BREAKING: Cure to being a miserable bastard found..

Time to start prioritizing your happiness!?!

Leaving mental illness out of it, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. What do I mean by this? Shouldn’t everyone be happy then?

No. Here’s why.

There is one very obvious difference between those who describe themselves as happy, and those who don’t. You know what I’m talking about. We all know people on both ends of the happiness spectrum. Sometimes it seems like some people are almost content to be unhappy. They have become so convinced of the inevitability of misery that they grow comfortable in it. They will argue with anyone who tries to help, claiming there’s nothing they can do to change the situation. They adamantly oppose the possibility of personal joy. They often resent those that don’t live similarly because they think happy people just got lucky in life. I’m betting you don’t want to end up there. I mean, who does? 😉

So, how do some manage to bring themselves out of it? Why are some people living entirely different, happier lives, after once being stuck in the cycle of negativity? How is it possible? What did they learn that others haven’t? THE ONE THING that changes it for them, is the belief that they CAN ultimately control their situation. They simply decide to change their minds about life. At some point, they decided to start thinking differently, one step at a time. While true, this statement drastically simplifies the concept of shifting one’s mindset, which is actually incredibly challenging! The human mind is a complex set of circuitry, like a computer that we have to reprogram, one thought at a time.

Mindset Meme


Changing one’s happiness requires “reprogramming” the way we think about hundreds (or thousands) of things in our lives. Through repetition we have taught ourselves how to reflexively respond to social (and other) stimulus. For example, we have already decided how we feel about certain people. Therefore, when someone we feel negatively about walks in a room, we have already decided how we will feel in that moment. Those feelings determine your interaction with them. Changing our mindset requires us to question each unintentional internal response, and reprogram that situation with a new feeling. Not so easy, right?! Probably not, but it IS POSSIBLE, and this skill will SET YOU FREE in ways you never imagined.

When you take control of your mind, it will change the way the world around you responds TO YOU! Your positive changes will be felt and internalized by others. The way people treat you begins to improve. You will find joy and fulfillment in the kindness you start to unintentionally exude. The deeper emotions you previously kept hidden due to fear/expectations/ego begin to make you realize the immense beauty of life. Before you know it, the negative doesn’t feel as important because it’s completely overshadowed by the happiness you’ve found. Things that used to upset you become fleeting moments, but not memories, because you let them go immediately. But, it all starts with a decision to start changing your mind and seeing things in a healthier way.

Mindset Meme 2

Change your mind

~Jarae Pearson, CPT

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