NO Fad Diets, Just This!

The reason I chose my career as a real-foods simplified nutrition coach is because I see the same thing time and time again. I guess it’s human nature to complicate things. We complicate them, and then can’t keep up with the expectations we’ve unreasonably set for ourselves. It’s the same with nutrition. If we make the decision to start a “healthy-life” journey, we think it has to be drastic, and immediate, with no room for falter. With no exception, this is how I am a lot of the time too.

I have always set incredibly high standards for myself. Most often it was because I was worried about how others saw me. I also used to have a really high fear of failure. Those two things combined, breeds a very stressful existence for a self-improvement junkie. 😉  I was living in fear every day of my life, worried of what everyone would think when I failed. I hadn’t worked on my mind set yet, and it was before I learned the hard lesson; that every failure brings a new beginning, which is usually pretty great! BUT, I still think it’s always best to take the path of least resistance. If there is an easier way, we are wise to take it. And that’s what I’m sharing with you here, a very simple first step towards living a healthful life!


When it comes to finding the perfect diet, for health, wellness, and fat-loss, there is ONE way to simplify your entire journey! Stop focusing on what you can’t have. GET BACK TO THE BASICS! All you have to do is learn to LOVE VEGETABLES! Too simple to be true? Not at all! There are three reasons that starting your nutrition journey vegetable focused will make you: LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL & LOOK HEALTHIER, HAVE LESS BLOAT AND BETTER DIGESTION…

  1. When you increase one food group (macro), you naturally decrease the rest. Macros are Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat. There are healthy and not-as-healthy forms of each macro. Any macro with processed or added components is almost always less healthy than the natural form. We need all three macros in our diets for optimal health. However, the American diet is generally very high in the unhealthy forms. Vegetables are the healthy carbs! Every diet agrees with this one fact. And the beautiful thing about vegetables is that they are very filling, full of nutrients, and when you increase the amount you eat of them, it effectively reduces the amounts of the other things you would be normally consuming (ei. meats and fat, usually the unhealthy kinds)
  2. When you take into account the increase in nutrients from vegetables, your cells literally start to go from toxic to thriving!! This is health from the inside out! This is what makes you have energy through the roof, clear skin, and calmer emotions. When you start to feel this for yourself, it takes away the option of living any other way. You simply won’t want to feel that crappy ever again!
  3. When you become focused on the fantastic things happening to you, the amazing way you you learn and begin to love vegetables the way you used to love donuts, you are living in a “positive focused mind-set”. You will be manifesting a healthier body and creating your future. The choices you make will start to be focused on wellness, instead of the negative perceptions you have been carrying, like all the things you “can’t have because of your DIET”. Negative mind-set is the killer of success! 😉

There is no perfect! We all do our best at wellness, and we try to improve continually. Those are the expectations. Nothing more, nothing less! There is something much more important than perfection, happiness. In this crazy life, the last thing we need to do is create our own stress. #BeYourBestFriend

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