The One Way We All Sabotage Our Weight Loss

There is one sure fire way you can sabotage your weight loss results, and almost everyone does it. You go into your journey focused on all the NEGATIVE associated with the process. Learning early on to shift your mindset from “this sucks”, to “this makes me feel good”, can save you time, but more than that can create an inner peace to the process that will transform much more than your physique.

I have been there! I absolutely detested every ounce of fat that had accumulated on my once petite frame. I told myself that “even if this food tastes horrible, and I don’t want to workout, it’s what I have to do.” My fat loss journey began as a means to an end, so that I didn’t have to dislike myself so much anymore. Every thought I had was wrapped around the fact that I was unhappy, and therefore I was resentful of the process all together.


I am someone who used to do things the hard way. I spent years hell bent on proving to the world that I wasn’t that heavy girl they must have seen me as. I didn’t know how to do “mind set work” to change the way I thought about my journey.  That’s why I became a coach. I have now seen so many people reach and surpass goals they never thought they’d accomplish, that I don’t doubt my client’s potentials, EVER! In fact, I take it seriously that it is MY JOB to help them see what that will look and feel like!

So, what is my advice for changing your mind set towards your fat loss life-style? Start seeing the process for all the good it is doing for you. With each decision you make, and step you take towards better health, acknowledge your dedication. It IS PRETTY BAD ASS that you make an effort every day to live your life to the fullest. Good food nourishes your body, but it also lets you live a fun, active life without the limitations of illness. Exercise makes you feel strong, and also lets you live an adventurous life without pain and fatigue. We have to learn to love the things that bring health and joy to our lives, and kick the negative focus to the curb, for good! 

Positive Intention for Clean Eating: The food I eat nourishes my body and helps me live a long and healthy life with those I love.

Positive Intention for Fitness: The exercise I give my body ensures an active and adventurous life-style with my friends and family.

“Stand confidently in the beauty of your soul.” ~Jarae Pearson, CPT

Jarae Pearson, CPT, Functional Wellness Coach




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