Make Dinner Simply Delicious

If you are like me, we learned as children that meals had certain components expected by everyone. In my youth our dining table was sure to show a main dish that almost always included starch or grains, often in casserole form. We had a green salad (lettuce) almost every night. Any other vegetables were generally canned, heated on the cook-top with butter and salt added. It was normal for there to be a pile of white bread and a dish of margarine with a butter knife carefully balanced across the brim. Occasionally there were cucumbers marinated in vinegar for snacking, or olives straight from the can.
My Grandma was who I learned nutrition from. She was a woman with a sad past who took to cooking to show her affection. She enjoyed her alone time in the kitchen, and a few of us were welcomed in, where she seemed to come alive teaching us all her tricks. She spent countless hours, years really, watching cooking shows on her huge saucer satellite dish, and compiling shopping lists so she could create her next masterpiece. Needless to say, she wasn’t watching calories or saturated fat content. She was looking for the perfect dish or dessert that would create just the right yummy sounds coming from her family. So, I learned how to cook really tasty food, in all the wrong ways! It has taken a dozen years to get a grasp on clean cooking. It turns out old habits really DO die hard.
There is one skill that has helped me above others, but it takes some reprogramming. It seems easy, but this one thing has been so difficult to remember every day. It’s as if I have my Grandma in my mind telling me “Sweetie, while this dinner will get the job done, do you really think they’ll LOVE it?”
What is the secret, you ask?  Just keep it simple. Meat and vegetables IS A ROUNDED MEAL. I know, that’s crazy, right? 🙂 Starch and grains can be added if desired, because let’s not forget grains are important to a balanced diet. But for fat loss purposes, keeping them to a minimum is the goal.
The trick is to focus on big flavors from herbs and spices,etc. Buy fresh herbs, different vinegars, fresh garlic, ginger, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, artichoke hearts, etc. and start playing with them.  HAVE FUN!
“I teach burnt-out career moms simplified holistic wellness techniques that make them feel confident and vibrant, so they can dance through empty-nest into retirement!”
Watch for the launch of my new 13 week Wellness Awakening Academy!

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