Back to the blogging world!

I have missed the days when I “had time” to blog… LOL When I was a stay-at-home mom and college student with the dream of coaching. That was also in the beginning of my weight-loss transition! It was almost therapeutic to create a meal in the kitchen and then sit in front of my computer and type out the recipe. It was MY time! But really, it was partially to feel that my 8 years of college education, and my passion for wellness, wasn’t being wasted. I didn’t have the time to work outside the home, so I put out content that I thought was important, to a non-existent audience. 😉

To say starting my local coaching business a few years later was difficult on my schedule, would be an understatement! It’s literally taken the last three and a half years of running my business before I can finally say ‘I feel secure in my ability to organize my time well enough to branch back out online’. LOL

About six months ago I took time off to be with my family… Well, I slowed my pace and worked about 35 hours per week instead of 55-65, which allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses in my business really were. I could see my self growth from the outside and started accepting myself, imperfections and all. It turns out, I can’t do everything, after-all. 😉 That was a huge game changer for me, knowing that there are so many people that can benefit from my knowledge, but I was stuck living smaller than God intended. I mean, I am a coach, who sees clients every day, yet I can’t find the time to share this information on a larger scale, here, when it’s literally at my finger tips?! I have started to feel some sense of urgency to share what I feel to be life changing nutrition/wellness information with others, that are outside of my studio, as well.

I am truly so happy to be back!

Jarae Pearson, CPT
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