And I thought I didn’t like to “exercise”..

One of the best things about the past few years has to be discovering what the different exercises, and styles of exercise, feel like in practice. For someone who thought she strongly disliked sports and athletics, I have surprised myself!
I have enjoyed them all, as crazy as that sounds. Some I love more than others, but I love trying to find the time to fit them all into my schedule. Where as, before, you couldn’t have gotten one of them into my schedule. 🙂
I love HIIT for the challenge and fast results. I love Pilates and Yoga because they makes me feel stretched and strong and centered. I love running because its like a meditation of sorts for me, and SIT because it keeps my legs fit and kills my fat. I love riding my bike for the wind in my face and the freedom of the open air. And, I have a new love for hiking and back-packing as well, because I can see a side of nature not many ever will.
Living life..this is what this is all about!!

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